4 Ways to help DASH

tripsEver wonder how you can help DASH?

I don’t know if you know this, but DASH’s annual “Taste of Design”  gala is just around the corner (you did save that November 12th date, right?)

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This fundraiser is put on by countless volunteers from the PTSA and the money that’s raised benefits your students at DASH. So now that you’re chomping at the bit to volunteer yourself, here are 4 ways you can help your kid’s school:

  1. Buy tickets

    tod-yellowI know, right? One of the best ways you can help is to be at the gala (and no this is not some lame high school looking event). It’s a party in the middle of the Design District, with food from world class restaurants, great entertainment and a silent auction you would not believe. Help DASH and buy your “Taste of Design” ticket now.

  2. Volunteer

    You got the save the date mailer a few days ago, right? Did you stop to consider the volunteer who designed it, the one who had it printed, the volunteer who mailed it and the one who’s handing out the envelopes that the post office couldn’t deliver? And that’s just one postcard…

    1. …securing the space (btw the Gala is held in the Moore building, which is an amazing space),
    2. …negotiating with the entertainment,
    3. …coordinating all the restaurants that are donating food,
    4. …planning the decorations (you won’t believe the ones we’ve got from the Grand Florida Opera this year),
    5. …overseeing the live auction
    6. …keeping track of all the communications going out to parents and patrons
    7. …collecting, cataloging and running an amazing silent auction

    Sign up to volunteer
     to make “Taste of Design” a great event.

  3. Silent Auction Item

    We already have some pretty cool items for the silent auction like…

      1. unreleased Bulova Watches,
      2. a catered dinner for 4 at your home,
      3. a VIP tour of the Miami Herald printing presses and newsroom and lunch with the president of the Miami Herald,
      4. hotel stays
      5. dinners
      6. trips, …


    …but we still need more, so why don’t you help us get some more items that we can auction off at the Gala? We’ve made it easy – you can download a cover letter from your PTSA that you can give to the person donating to the Taste of Design silent auction and a form that’ll go with each silent auction item.

  4. Donate

    OK, so we know not everyone can make it to the Gala, because of out of town trips, previous commitments. Don’t worry you can donate to “Taste of Design” right here of course we’d prefer to see you there, but there’s always next year.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s gala!