DASH Open House 2018


Your PTSA is happy to report that 90 percent of families were able to attend the Open House held for parents at school last week. We all know how hard it is to come from all different parts of the county and beyond, but, then again, we know we have a smart group of parents who know how important it is to be involved in our children’s school. Why else would you have picked the greatest school for your child?

What a great segue to include a “gentle” reminder to join the PTSA and help us to offer your children the best education and high school experience possible! We are here to offer our collective talents and brainstorming, but without your participation both financially and physically we won’t be the best we can be. If you haven’t yet joined, here is the link.

Our teachers were awesome in their speed-dating style of trying to impart as much information about their class to the parents as possible in their allotted time. We know it wasn’t easy to do and appreciate the concise way they were able to impart so much in so little time!

It was fun to be able to put a face to the names which have already become familiar to us as parents!

Our school store did a great job of getting the sought-after DASH merchandise to our eager customer base. Please watch for new and exciting items to be available as the school year progresses.

We hope many of you were able to enjoy the beautiful pasta dinner put together for you by our hard-working hospitality arm of the PTSA. We know many folks come from work and we wanted to make sure you had a place to get something to eat.